Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween from the Formans!

We had a fun, friend-filled Halloween! The kids dressed as Luke and Leia, because, well, when life gives you a brunette girl and a blonde boy, make Star Wars.

We spent the morning at Boo at the Zoo, then had friends over for chili and trick-or-treating. I think the most fun was seeing everyone else in costume...

Princess Leia with some Imperial troops (we warned her they might be out to get her). We saw a great Darth Vader and Chewbacca - Sean actually wanted to go with them.

 Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker - for you non-Star Wars geeks (?!?), they're quoting this poster.

Lightsabers! They had light-up ones for trick-or-treating, which were great for keeping an eye on them...

...but these are way more fun for fighting.

Happy Halloween to all!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Farewell, sweet Bailey

May 19, 2001 - September 22, 2015

It is with great sadness that I write to let you know that our beloved cat, Bailey, died this morning. She has been in renal failure for almost a full year now, and her kidneys finally couldn't take it anymore. She passed very peacefully in our arms. We will miss her greatly and are grateful for her 14+ years of companionship.

She was the tiniest little thing when I first adopted her in 2001.

The cuteness was infectious... She would walk up to anyone and say, "Hi, I'm Bailey, want to pet me?"

Her preferred way to sleep was nesting in my hair - I knew she wasn't feeling well when that stopped.

She was great company for me in Los Angeles...

I would take her home to Boise with me every Christmas. She wasn't about to be upstaged by a baby wanting my lap and always had to be part of the action.

Christmas was always a fun time for her, with bow bags...

...decoration boxes...

...and trees to sit under.

Not to mention empty boxes...

...lots of empty boxes. Moving was also fun for that reason. And packing - she always tried to sneak into our suitcases when we traveled.

She loved to play, especially with feathers and balls, but we had to watch ribbons and string around her as she would eat them.

She was good at protecting us from dangerous things like printers, too.

Computers were always a favorite place to sleep (laptops or old-style monitors) as they were WARM.

Having a human attached made it even better, even if it was a bit hard on the human.

She made a great paperweight, too...

She and Graham adored each other from day one and they had a special relationship. She became a big Daddy's girl in her later years and often preferred his lap to mine (he is warmer, in all fairness).

When the kids first came along, she wasn't exactly sure what to think.

 But kids come with soft blankets...

...and fun boxes...

 ...and laps... it soon became the mutual-admiration society between them.

Claire even devoted a school project to her. Both kids say cats are their favorite animal.

She was incredibly tolerant with both of them and we only had two mild scratch incidents per kid.

She taught our kids how to love and respect cats...

...and the correct way to drink water.

Bailey LOVED her humans and always liked to make sure we were presentable...

...even the little ones.

She was a great traveler and loved adventure. She lived with us in LA, traveled to Boise often, spent two days in the car with us when we moved to Kansas City, flew with us to Costa Rica, and at last joined us in Denver.

Costa Rica was her favorite... The weather was always warm and usually sunny, and there were always birds to watch and bugs to catch.

This last year she enjoyed hanging out in the sun in our backyard when the weather was warm.

 As with any cat, her favorite activity was sleeping.

 If she could sleep ON or in something, that was even better.

 Thank you so much for almost a decade and a half of wonderful companionship, Bailey. We love you and will miss you immensely.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." 
~Dr. Seuss

Monday, September 14, 2015

End of Summer Fun

July, August, and early September were super busy this year. The one event I don't have pictures of is Graham's first triathlon in August - I took some but they didn't turn out at all. He swam, biked, and ran the "My Way or the Tri Way" - we were so proud of him! 

Here are some highlights from the end of our summer:

We all began taking music lessons in July. The kids and I take piano, and Graham is taking guitar. We really enjoy it so far! Sean is very serious about practicing...

 Nana (my mom) came to visit in July - we love having her here!

We played...


...and showed her some big trains.

Nana and I also went to Ikea for one more playroom shelving unit to reorganize things a bit... Much better!

In August I took the kids to their first big concert at the Pepsi Center to see Kelly Clarkson, Pentatonix, and Eric Hutchinson (Kelly is Claire's favorite, and I love Pentatonix, so it was a win-win).

 Sean LOVED it and clapped along for the entire concert.

Claire loved it, too, but got a bit sleepy and fell asleep during Kelly's performance - I had to wake her up for her favorite song, "Heartbeat Song." 

Shortly after that I took Claire to her second big concert at Red Rocks to see Idina Menzel

Such a spectacular venue, and what a stellar concert! (No pun intended.) She still got sleepy and fell asleep for the second half, but we had a great time. 

Also in August I took a trip to Post Falls, Idaho to visit my sister, Lauri, and was able to spend some time with family in the area. Always good to see them!

 While I was out of town, Graham took the kids to the Wings Over the Rockies Museum, and it happened to be Star Wars Day... SO fun!

They also checked out fellow monsters at the Mythic Creatures exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science...

...and really cool LEGO (and real) animals at the Denver Zoo.

We spent a couple of weekends with friends at a lake this summer - Claire is a huge fan of being pulled behind the boat...

 ...while the paddleboard was much more Sean's speed...

...and Graham was excited to waterski again.

Graham gave me tickets to Book of Mormon two Christmases ago, and the day of the show finally arrived! We had a fun date night and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Miss Claire is now in second grade - she enjoys school and is thrilled to see her friends again. 

Sean is in the same preschool room, but they started a new school year and switched from a bilingual room to a Spanish immersion room - he LOVES learning Spanish, which is so fun for us to see.

Graham took Sean to his first baseball game (Rockies vs. Giants - we won) during Claire's slumber party (more on that forthcoming) - he had a fantastic time and insisted on staying for the whole thing.

One of my absolute favorite people in the whole world died in late July. Sue Galligan was so vibrant, joyful, and loving - she was my aunt, my mentor, and my friend. I will miss her incredible laugh, her enormous smile, the mischievous twinkle in her eye, sharing books and movies with her, and especially talking with her about life, the universe, and everything, and getting giant, all-encompassing hugs.

We held a celebration of her life in Boise in September - the outpouring of love was absolutely incredible. Huge thanks to all who came.