Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Farewell, sweet Bailey

May 19, 2001 - September 22, 2015

It is with great sadness that I write to let you know that our beloved cat, Bailey, died this morning. She has been in renal failure for almost a full year now, and her kidneys finally couldn't take it anymore. She passed very peacefully in our arms. We will miss her greatly and are grateful for her 14+ years of companionship.

She was the tiniest little thing when I first adopted her in 2001.

The cuteness was infectious... She would walk up to anyone and say, "Hi, I'm Bailey, want to pet me?"

Her preferred way to sleep was nesting in my hair - I knew she wasn't feeling well when that stopped.

She was great company for me in Los Angeles...

I would take her home to Boise with me every Christmas. She wasn't about to be upstaged by a baby wanting my lap and always had to be part of the action.

Christmas was always a fun time for her, with bow bags...

...decoration boxes...

...and trees to sit under.

Not to mention empty boxes...

...lots of empty boxes. Moving was also fun for that reason. And packing - she always tried to sneak into our suitcases when we traveled.

She loved to play, especially with feathers and balls, but we had to watch ribbons and string around her as she would eat them.

She was good at protecting us from dangerous things like printers, too.

Computers were always a favorite place to sleep (laptops or old-style monitors) as they were WARM.

Having a human attached made it even better, even if it was a bit hard on the human.

She made a great paperweight, too...

She and Graham adored each other from day one and they had a special relationship. She became a big Daddy's girl in her later years and often preferred his lap to mine (he is warmer, in all fairness).

When the kids first came along, she wasn't exactly sure what to think.

 But kids come with soft blankets...

...and fun boxes...

 ...and laps...

 ...so it soon became the mutual-admiration society between them.

Claire even devoted a school project to her. Both kids say cats are their favorite animal.

She was incredibly tolerant with both of them and we only had two mild scratch incidents per kid.

She taught our kids how to love and respect cats...

...and the correct way to drink water.

Bailey LOVED her humans and always liked to make sure we were presentable...

...even the little ones.

She was a great traveler and loved adventure. She lived with us in LA, traveled to Boise often, spent two days in the car with us when we moved to Kansas City, flew with us to Costa Rica, and at last joined us in Denver.

Costa Rica was her favorite... The weather was always warm and usually sunny, and there were always birds to watch and bugs to catch.

This last year she enjoyed hanging out in the sun in our backyard when the weather was warm.

 As with any cat, her favorite activity was sleeping.

 If she could sleep ON or in something, that was even better.

 Thank you so much for almost a decade and a half of wonderful companionship, Bailey. We love you and will miss you immensely.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." 
~Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sean turns 3! (Part 2)

I can't believe I forgot to include Sean's growth stats, yearly photos, and "The Forman Babies" for his 3-year post - sorry about that!

Sean's 3-year doctor visit went very well - he's a healthy, healthy little boy. He's grown a lot this year:

Stat Age 2 Age 3 Change
Height 2'9" - 21st percentile 3'1" - 31st percentile 4" and 10 percentile points
Weight 23.7 lbs. - 6th percentile 27.8 lbs. - 11th percentile 4.1 lbs. and 5 percentile points

As I mentioned in the previous Sean at 3 post, Sean was really sick the week of his birthday, or his weight number would have been higher. He's not super short, but definitely on the skinny side. By comparison, at 3 years old, Claire was 2'11.5" tall (12th percentile) and 25 lbs. (3rd percentile), so he's trending bigger than his sister.

He looks like quite the big kid now compared with years past - no baby here!

And he definitely belongs to us - here's the latest version of the Forman Babies at age 3 for your amusement:





Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Family Trip to South Carolina

In late June we took a family vacation to Edisto Island, South Carolina (pronounced EDisto, between Charleston and Charlotte) with Graham's family. We stayed at a historic home right on Edisto Beach, which was perfect for all the kids to swim and play.

Highlights of the trip:

The best part of the trip was all the beach time. It was right out our backdoor and the water was bathtub-warm. The older kids and adults loved boogie boarding and body surfing, and the little kids loved playing in the sand.

Boogie boarding...

 ...and body surfing with Daddy

Getting toes wet with Daddy - the current was strong, so no going in alone

Building sandcastles...

...and STOMPING them with Uncle Bart

Running away from the waves and screaming was also fun for the shorter set

Cousins in the surf

We took a day trip to Charleston to tour the Drayton Hall plantation and Fort Sumter National Monument:

The outhouse was one of the more interesting features on the plantation tour (5 seats and a fireplace??)

The weather was hot hot HOT and humid the whole time we were in South Carolina, but especially on our day away from the beach

The whole gang at Fort Sumter

Claire earned another junior ranger badge at Fort Sumter

One night we went to a restaurant called Pressley's at the Marina, and it happened to be live music night. The dancing was quite epic:


Sunset over the marina

Sean was a dancing MACHINE and would partner with anyone who would dance with him. Ben...


More Ben (he's a great sport)...




Whew! Break time for a sweaty boy...

Bedtime stories with Uncle Bart

Family time like this is precious, and we really enjoyed just hanging out and playing on the beach, playing baseball, Frisbee, and cards with the kids, and just spending time together. Huge thanks to Grandpa Guy and Grandma Dede for arranging it!