Monday, September 3, 2018

Miss Claire at 11

Our Miss Claire is 11 years old! She is spanning the bridge between little girl and young woman, but tends to fall more on the young woman side these days. Princesses (especially Frozen) and pink are things of the past, and while she still adores cats and fancy things, little cute things are no longer as in favor as they once were.

Last year for her birthday she changed her bedroom - it's now cats and turquoise instead of pink and Frozen. (The decals above her bed are gone and will be replaced by a big blue C with a black cat and her name. The company sent a yellow E, so we still need to fix it.)

For her birthday this year, she decided that she wanted to get her ears pierced. She HATES shots and was really nervous about even the idea of pierced ears, but once she decided to do it, she was quite zen about the whole thing. She brought a book to distract her (girl after my own heart).

More about Claire at 11:

It's still all about the cats...

 She's really into watching Food Network shows, which has led to an interest in helping us cook. I talked her through making pancakes and she did everything on her own.

She still adores her friends, especially being silly with them.

 Claire loves school and her teacher and is fluent (speaking/reading/writing) in both Spanish and English

She's quite musically inclined - she takes piano lessons and sometimes sings with our Church choir, among other things. She and I recently sang a duet - she was much more composed than I was.

She and Sean are great buddies and share a lot of the same interests, including...

...taekwondo, where Claire is now a High Red Belt (two steps away from a black belt)...

...swim team...

...and Pokémon, where we still play Pokémon Go regularly (let me know if you want to be friends).

She enjoys outdoor activities, especially when friends and/or marshmallows are involved.

Claire's a voracious reader and prefers reading in English over Spanish. Comics and graphic novels are her favorite, although she recently enjoyed the "I Funny" series by James Patterson.

The whole family went to see Hamilton this year, so now she's really into the music.

She's quite the artist and loves to draw and paint.

She donated her hair to Locks of Love again this year...

...and lost two teeth.

Claire's annual self-portrait this year is part of a family portrait I asked her to draw for me. No more big dresses and fairy wings for her:

I love the birthday card she made for me featuring the two of us. ❤

Our long-running series, "The Forman Babies," has apparently morphed into "The Forman Tweens." For your amusement (definitely a family resemblance):




25 Age 11 Favorites

  1. Color: Turquoise****
  2. Fruit: Watermelon****
  3. Vegetable: Eda Mame***%
  4. Breakfast food: Chocolate Croissant
  5. Lunch food: Pasta with Butter and Parmesan*#
  6. Snack: Popcorn
  7. Dinner food: California Rolls**
  8. Drink: Sprite
  9. Dessert: Sugar Cookie
  10. Candy: Sour Patch Kids
  11. Ice cream flavor: Denali Caramel Caribou
  12. Animal: Kitten/Cat*****
  13. Song/music: “Hamilton” Soundtrack
  14. Book: Dog Man series*
  15. TV show: The Who Was Show
  16. Movie: Hotel Transylvania 3
  17. Outfit: Crop Jeans and cat t-shirt
  18. Toy: LEGOs^
  19. Thing to take to bed at night: Duckie Lovey*****
  20. Game: Pokémon Go*
  21. Thing to do outside: Swim^
  22. School subject: Reading
  23. Sport: Taekwondo
  24. Backpack theme: Turquoise/Purple pattern
  25. Best friend: Tons of friends – don’t have a best friend

*same since age 10
**same since age 9
***same since age 8
****same since age 7
*****same as age 6
^same as age 8
#same as age 7
%same as age 6

We sure love this girl! ❤

Monday, August 20, 2018

First Day of School 2018

Thus, the summer of 2018 endeth and back to school they go. Claire is in 5th grade this year and Sean is in 1st - they're both at a new campus, so that lends some extra excitement to the start of the year. 

I looked forward to this day and the return of our routine but was actually a bit melancholy this morning after taking them to school. We had a fun summer together. Normally they'll ride the bus, but we missed the meet and greets because we were on vacation, so they got the parental chauffer service this morning. It was nice to see their classrooms and meet their teachers.

 5th grader!

 1st grader!

We've been in this house since Claire was halfway through Kindergarten - time really flies!

They were both smiley, super excited to be back at school, and barely paused to give us hugs goodbye... I am NOT in charge of the PTA this year, so that should make things more manageable for mom, at least. Here's to a great year!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Annual Photo Shoot 2018

I try to take "nicer" pictures of the kids at least once a year and did so yesterday. Sean just turned 6 and Claire is almost 11. These are the favorites:

It's so fun to watch them grow and change over the years... Here's a brief retrospective:

Sean at 5 and Claire at almost 10

Sean at 4 and Claire at almost 9

Sean at 3 and Claire at almost 8
(I'm sadly missing a TON of pics from 2015)

Sean at 2 and Claire at almost 7

Sean at 1 and Claire at almost 6

Newborn Sean and Claire at almost 5

These two. 💕