Monday, July 2, 2018

Annual Photo Shoot 2018

I try to take "nicer" pictures of the kids at least once a year and did so yesterday. Sean just turned 6 and Claire is almost 11. These are the favorites:

It's so fun to watch them grow and change over the years... Here's a brief retrospective:

Sean at 5 and Claire at almost 10

Sean at 4 and Claire at almost 9

Sean at 3 and Claire at almost 8
(I'm sadly missing a TON of pics from 2015)

Sean at 2 and Claire at almost 7

Sean at 1 and Claire at almost 6

Newborn Sean and Claire at almost 5

These two. 💕

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Mr. Sean at Six

Sean is six years old! Time flies - we sure love this kid!

For his birthday, he wanted a bike-riding party at a park with all his friends. (It also had a spray park, soccer, and basketball, so what's not to like?) He had way outgrown his little bike, so got a bigger one for his birthday. Much better! [ post about a craft we did here ]

A bit about Sean at 6:
  • Sean loves sports of all kind, including taekwondo, soccer, swimming, tennis, and basketball (pretty much anything with a ball). He doesn't take swimming lessons anymore, but started swim team this summer with Claire (usually kids start at 7) [ post about it here ].

    Winter sports are also popular, including tubing, skiing, and ice skating.

  • In taekwondo this last year he went from being a yellow/camo belt Little Dragon (age 4-7) to a purple belt Karate Kid (age 7-11). He's the youngest in his class but holds his own and is often called out as an example or to lead the class (all the students rotate). Honestly, he's more focused than quite a few of the older kids, which we think is awesome. He loves working with the weapons, too - so far bo staff, nunchuks (his favorite), and kamas.

  • Watching sports with Dad is also fun, especially during March Madness or the World Cup.

  • He lost his first two teeth in the last year (front bottom), and the top two are loose-ish.

  • Sean loves to read these days and is quite well-spoken for his age. He tends to start most sentences with, "Somehow..." For example, "Mommy, somehow girls are for kids, and women are for grownups, and boys are for kids and men are for grownups." Philosophy by Sean.
  • He's a super-easygoing kid who enjoys most everything and gets along with most everyone.

Nana came to visit for his kindergarten graduation [ post about it here ] and they enjoyed spending time together. He was heartbroken when she left.

  • Sean LOVED kindergarten and was sad he won't be returning next year. [ post about it here ]

With his kindergarten teachers, Ms. Alex and Ms. Valeria, who adored him
  • He adores the cats, and they're very tolerant of him.

  • He loves to make art and has great confidence in his work. His aspens were in the school's art show (he's pointing to his on the bottom left), and he kept telling us, "Wait until you see them. They're PERFECT. I'm great at drawing aspens."
  • He and Claire are still good buddies and share lots of interests, including taekwondo, swimming, Pokémon, LEGOs, TV shows, and Dav Pilkey books.

Getting our Pokémon on for Halloween (Squirtle, our trainer, and Pikachu)

Forman v. Forman in taekwondo sparring - Sean giggled almost the whole time
Making cat treats together
  • He still loves a good snuggle - hopefully he won't outgrow that. (The hands in the mouth thing could go away, though.)
Aunt Lauri came to visit recently [ blog post here ] and Sean didn't want her to leave. When she said she needed to get back to work, he said, "Well, you can just bring your computer and work from here...!" That's how both his parents work, so he thinks everyone works like that.
  • He loves to play video games these days - his favorite is Roblox, but he also loves playing on the Xbox/Kinect, my old Super Nintendo, his new vintage Atari game joystick, and iPad games, especially
Playing Roblox at the library

And finally, for your amusement, "The Forman Babies" (not so much babies anymore) at age 6. Definite family resemblance.

25 Age 6 Favorites

(answers supplied by him – commentary by me)
  1. Color:  Red*
  2. Fruit:  Watermelon**** and Strawberries**
  3. Vegetable:  “Salad”** (Romaine Heart Stalks - he eats them like celery)
  4. Breakfast food:  Doughnuts
  5. Lunch food:  Mac and Cheese
  6. Snack:  Peanuts
  7. Dinner food:  Shrimp**
  8. Drink:  Water*, Root Beer, and Sprite
  9. Dessert:  Chocolate Cake* with M&Ms
  10. Candy:  Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows
  11. Ice cream flavor: Chocolate*
  12. Animals:  Monkeys*** and Cats
  13. Song:  “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65
  14. Book:  “It’s So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families” by Robie H. Harris (or whatever we've read lately - before that it was the "Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls" series)
  15. TV show:  Zig and Sharko
  16. Movie:  “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie”
  17. Outfit:  Barcelona Messi soccer jersey with black soccer shorts
  18. Toy:  Nerf Hoop
  19. Thing to take to bed at night:  Monkey Lovey****, Pikachu, and Squirtle
  20. Game:  Roblox
  21. Thing to do outside:  Play soccer* and ride bike
  22. School subject:  Math
  23. Sport:  Soccer (and Lionel Messi and Barcelona his favorite player/team)
  24. Backpack/lunchbox theme:  Pokémon
  25. Best friend:  Cassie Albietz
*Same as age 5
**Same as age 4
***Same since age 3
****Same since age 2

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

First Swim Meet and a Visit from Aunt Lauri

The kids don't take swimming lessons anymore but instead started swim team this summer. It's a non-competitive, 8-week program, and they usually swim M-Th from 7:45-8:30 most days. They're both noticeably stronger swimmers after only a week or two.

They recently participated in their first swim meet - Claire's not a big fan of racing, but Sean loved it. He actually added an event (swimming four instead of three), and then in the 100m relay he swam his 25m and asked his coach if he could swim back across the pool. When she told him he was done, he replied, "But I want to!" Hah!

Not a fan, but she did great in the 50 Back and two relays swimming backstroke and freestyle

Claire ready for the 50 Back

Look at that stroke - beautiful!

 Waiting to start in a freestyle relay

 Claire swimming freestyle

Sean was scheduled for the 25 Free and two relays, but also added a 50 Free

Sean swimming freestyle

Looking like a teenaged swimmer while waiting for his heat...
...apparently, it's a comfortable pose for him

An enthusiastic entry for the final relay of the day

Aunt Lauri also came to visit us for a weekend - we found a crazy-cheap last-minute fare from Spokane to Denver so just had to see her! It's always fun spending time with her, and the kids love making silly Snapchat images with her.